The unit is set up as a therapeutic community, where inmates work on a highly structured treatment plan for 12 months or more. The program’s therapeutic design intentionally uses a positive peer culture and environment, where high standards, morals of “right living” and pro-social core values are reinforced with privileges, rewards and recognition. The HOPE clinical staff and Fir security staff, as well as HOPE graduates, serve as role models to the program’s residents.


HOPE is aimed at helping inmates live clean, sober, positive and productive lives. Ideally, inmates leave the program with tools necessary to avoid re-engaging in problem behaviors. HOPE includes a thorough relapse prevention component that enables recovering addicts to live cautiously, knowing their next relapse could be around the corner. A companion goal in HOPE’s behavior modification program is the recognition and elimination or reduction of criminal thinking and anti-social behavior after a return to the outside community.


Inmates who successfully complete the program may be eligible for a sentence time cut from the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. Click here for more information about the HOPE program.

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