Utah Department of Corrections

The following are the current video and in-person visiting schedules at the Utah State Prison in Draper and the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison. 

PLEASE NOTE: Recording or photographing any portion of a video visit is prohibited. Visits may not be live streamed or otherwise posted to any social media account. Any violation will result in a suspension of visiting privileges for both the inmate and the visitor.  



USP Visiting Schedules

Wasatch and Oquirrhs: July     August  

Schedule Wasatch and Oquirrhs video and in-person visits


Promontory and Timpanogos: July     August

Schedule Promontory and Timpanogos video and in-person visits


Uinta 1: July     August

Schedule Uinta 1 video and in-person visits


Uinta 2 & 4: July     August

Schedule Uinta 2 video visits     Schedule Uinta 4 video and in-person visits


Olympus:  July     August  

Schedule Olympus video and in-person visits


CUCF Visiting Schedules

July     August

Schedule CUCF in-person visits

Schedule CUCF video visits