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Scott Crowther
Utah Correctional Industries

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Scott Crowther began his career as a correctional officer with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office in January of 2000. During his time with the Sheriff’s office, he worked in and supervised numerous areas of the jail, to include: maximum security, booking, medium security and training. He was instrumental in assisting them in becoming a stand-alone satellite academy of Utah POST. He was also a highly respected member of the Hostage Negotiation and Peer Support Teams.

In 2013, Scott was appointed as the Training Director for the Utah Department of Corrections where he oversaw department In-Service training, the Firearms Unit, and the state Corrections Officer Academy. In April 2014, he became the Warden of the Utah State Prison, Draper Site where he was responsible for 875 Staff members and 4000 inmates including: death row, acute mental health, the state’s women’s facility and general population.

In December of 2016, he was appointed as the Director of Utah Correctional Industries. Scott brings a passion for change and improved opportunities for staff and offenders alike. His team is focused on building a program that provides offenders with job skills, apprenticeship opportunities, and certifications, which assist with successful reintegration into society.