Utah Department of Corrections

Utah Department of Corrections honors the memory of the following officers who died in the line of duty. Their service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

mathew burgher  Mathew B. Burgher | Warden | March 16, 1876 

Warden Mathew B. Burgher died March 16, 1876 from injuries sustained while attempting to stop an escape at the Utah Territorial Prison.

 edwin fisher Edwin J. Fisher | Corrections Officer | June 1, 1955

Corrections Officer Edwin J. Fisher died on June 1, 1955 after being stabbed by an inmate during an attack in the Utah State Prison's boiler room.

 don wagstaff Don Wagstaff | Corrections Officer | December 23, 1970

Corrections Officer Don Wagstaff died December 23, 1970 from injuries received during an inmate attack while supervising a prison work crew at the Utah State Prison farm.

 fred house  Fred House | Corrections Officer | January 28, 1988

Corrections Officer Fred F. House died January 28, 1988 when he was shot and killed during a standoff at the Singer Farm near Marion, Utah. 

stephen anderson Stephen Anderson | Corrections Officer | June 25, 2007

Corrections Officer Stephen Anderson died on June 25, 2007 after being fatally shot by an inmate while supervising the inmate's medical transport at University of Utah Medical Center.

These officers are recognized on the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial at the Utah State Capitol.