Utah Department of Corrections


The Oquirrh facility, with the Oquirrh Chapel in the right foreground, as seen from Interstate 15.

The Oquirrh (pronounced "Oh-kurr") facility is comprised of five buildings on the southernmost end of the Utah State Prison complex. It includes an outdoor recreation yard, a gym, a non-denominational chapel, and a Native American sweat lodge. The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole holds hearings in a chamber located within this facility. Altogether, the Oquirrhs have capacity for approximately 850 inmates.

Within the Oquirrhs is one of the Utah State Prison's two geriatric dormitories for aging offenders (the other is in Lone Peak). The prison makes an effort to pair elderly offenders (55+ in the prison system) who may be less able to care for themselves with younger, more capable offenders who can assist them with daily living tasks. This also keeps the less able offenders separate from offenders who might exploit their disabilities or weaknesses for their own gain. The unit is equipped with special ADA accommodations.