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Is your family member, friend, or loved one due to release from prison soon? Please review the following information so you can be prepared for their release day. 


ATTN: Starting March 31 we will have families pick up their loved one at Fred House Training Academy. Pick up times of releasing individuals will be 8:30 a.m. Families will need to wait inside their car. 

When they arrive at Fred House Training Academy a non sick person from the car will need to come up to the front door and give us one shirt, and one pant for their loved one to change into.  They will also need to sign our pick up sheet and let us know who they are picking up.

Families must stay inside their vehicles and are not permitted to wander around the parking lot, or Fred House Training Academy facility. As we are releasing many individuals wait times are not predictable, and patience is appreciated. 

We will keep you updated when the Release Day Fair and Orientation returns to normal operation. Until then, here is a video of presentation:  



View the Powerpoint presentation here.


INMATE PROPERTY AT DRAPER: The process for picking up inmate property will temporarily change during COVID-19 pandemic. You can learn more here:



Starting September 3, 2019, the Utah Department of Corrections will begin offering a Release Fair after completion of the Release Day Family/ Loved Ones Orientation Class. 

The Release Day Family/ Loved Ones Orientation Class begins at 8:30 a.m. each Tuesday. The classes are held at Fred House Training Academy Gymnasium (14727 S. Minuteman Dr. Draper, UT 84020). This orientation last approximately 60 minutes at which time individuals who are scheduled for release from prison will be reunited with their family members to attend the release fair. 

Booths will be set up from several state government, county government, nonprofit and faith based providers. These booths will allow individuals releasing to the community from incarceration the opportunity to connect with service providers and establish services they provide in a central area.

Additionally, those releasing from incarceration will be conducting their first “office check in” with Adult Probation and Parole after completion of the release fair. The individual releasing will meet with a member from the Adult Probation and Parole Release and Reentry Team in conjunction with their Adult Probation and Parole Field Supervision Agent through video conference to review the next steps of parole supervision.

This will help eliminate the immense time commitment family members and those releasing are facing by having to travel long distances to pick up their loved one from prison and additionally drive back to their local Adult Probation and Parole office to report to their field agent.  





Q: When and where does a person get released?

A: Releases/Paroles are processed every Tuesday. Most releases are processed and completed at the Fred House Training Academy (14727 S. Minuteman Dr., Draper, UT 84020). Refer to the Offender Search tab to verify a Parole/Release date or go to

Q: My loved one is paroling to a Community Correctional Center (CCC/Halfway House), what do I need to do?

A: Nothing is required from you. Our Department of Corrections staff will transport the offender to the designated CCC on his/her release day. 

Q: My loved one is housed in a County Jail. How do I know if he or she will be releasing from the Draper Prison or the County Jail?

A: The release team will not have that information until the Monday before the scheduled release day. We ask that you e-mail us at to verify this information.

Q: I am unable to pick up my loved one on release day, is transportation provided?

A: A member of our release team will take offenders who do not have rides on release day to the UTA Trax station located at 115 E. Sego Lily Drive in Sandy, Utah.


For all other questions please e-mail or call Tylynn Ontiveros at 801-576-7136.