Utah Department of Corrections

eagle award q4 2016a

Congratulations to the members of the Community Programming Unit who were recognized with the Utah Department of Corrections’ (UDC) Eagle Award for their efforts to improve staff wellness. The unit’s Therapist Supervisors helped staff during particularly difficult times, motivated by a sense of genuine care and concern for the health and well-being of our department staff.

Following the tragic loss of several UDC employees, the Unit supervisors provided immediate training to address important stress management issues. The training was designed to help staff recognize, understand, and manage stress and trauma that many corrections professionals struggle with in their personal and professional lives.

“The therapist supervisors worked collectively to create training using researched methods and interventions designed to provide support and guidance about how to effectively manage stress in the field of Corrections,” Community Programming Director Carrie Cochran stated in the unit’s nomination.

The team traveled around the state to deliver the training to Adult Probation and Parole staff within just a few weeks of creating the curriculum. The team also provided their contact information and expressed a personal willingness to help individual staff if the need arises.

Staff members said the training was extremely beneficial, well presented, and provided information and tools to help manage their daily challenges.  The supervisors not only demonstrated cooperative efforts to create needed and effective training, they carved out time in their own schedules to educate and support staff throughout Adult Probation and Parole. 

“The education and tools staff received in training will be valuable and impactful to the staff members, their peers, loved ones, and others with whom the staff members interact,” said Cochran.

The Eagle Award for Unit Excellence is given quarterly to a team that has shown outstanding performance to further the Department's mission and for achievement of excellence through teamwork, character and innovation.

- February 15, 2017