Utah Department of Corrections

Group of HOPE Program Graduates

Congratulations to the 41 graduates of the Central Utah Correctional Facility (CUCF) HOPE Program, who successfully completed a 12-month substance abuse treatment program in a therapeutic community setting.

The HOPE mission is to teach individuals in the program how to live clean, sober, positive and productive lives and reduce the chance they will return to prison after release. Along with optimism, HOPE provides an in-depth and thorough relapse education program to help recovering addicts live a healthy life.

The HOPE program allows inmates a chance to serve in a paid leadership position after completing an additional year of classes. This helps provide respectable and direct feedback to peers it also develops strong role models within the unit population.

The graduation was hosted May 17 by living unit Section B. The section had a drill crew of 12 inmates perform a march, with cadence, during the graduation that reinforced recovery concepts. Two of the HOPE program inmates performed the song “Moving On,” a country song that is about change.

“The idea with drill routines in HOPE is to encourage inm2017 5 hope grad 1ates to work together as a community or team to produce something that is simultaneously creative and conveys a recovery or change message through the cadence, while also reflecting the community's spirit or enthusiasm,” said HOPE Program Director Clark Holladay.

This class of HOPE Graduates totals 83 inmates who have graduated since last November's HOPE Graduation. In calendar year 2016, 224 inmates completed the HOPE program. This class is one of the earliest to start and then finish Substance Abuse Treatment Program or Residential Substance Abuse Treatment since the legislature's passage, and the criminal justice system's implementation, of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI).  

Utah Department of Corrections has three therapeutic community programs, HOPE at CUCF, Con-Quest at the Promontory facility and Excell at the Timpanogos facility both located at Utah State Prison.

-May 31, 2017