Utah Department of Corrections

2017 06 Prom family day 2Incarcerated fathers at the Promontory Facility at Utah State Prison spent quality time with their children, playing catch, sharing a meal, and doing art projects inside the facility for Family Day on June 10. 

Kids played games and did activities, which were coordinated by the facility’s staff and volunteers, in the facility’s outdoor yard. The experience was different than a normal visit with their dads, and one that only comes once a year.  During the year, visits with family typically occur in an indoor visitation room and consist of conversation, but the Family Day gives the families a chance to create lasting memories and develop stronger bonds.

Maintaining family connections during incarceration helps improve safety in the facility and in the community. To participate in family day, inmates must maintain good behavior and participate in treatment programs.  People with positive, pro-social connections after release are also more likely to be successful after release.


-June 13, 2017