Utah Department of Corrections

2017 07 timp drum group


The Arirang Korean Drum Dance Ensemble performed traditional Korean folk music, dances and drumming for the incarcerated women at the Timpanogos facility.

“There is beauty in cultural diversity,” said Excell Therapist Kyung Koh, who is part of the ensemble. “Through the differences we can actually find unity in human races. Through the beauty, the creativity, and the beautiful heart we can touch other people’s lives all together no matter where you’re from.”

The ensemble hoped the Pung Mul Nori performance inspired the residents of the facility to find interest in activities that encourage an outlet to express themselves without turning back to drugs or unhealthy relationships.

Excell is the residential substance abuse treatment program at the Timpanogos women’s correctional facility at Utah State Prison.

Watch the full video on the Utah Department of Corrections' YouTube Channel.

- Public Information Office, July 2017