Utah Department of Corrections


2017 06 making it work class photo


Utah Correctional Industries (UCI) is helping inmates with their long-term employment needs after release through a new program called “Makin’ It Work.” On June 8, 2017, UCI  hosted its first-ever graduation ceremony for the "Makin' It Work" program.

UCI’s goal for all offenders is to take the skills and abilities learned through work programs to aid them in finding meaningful employment upon release. “Makin' It Work” is ten-week course offered through UCI to inmates currently involved in a work program. These classes are designed to assist offenders in transition from a corrections environment to the community and into meaningful work opportunities. The participants examine personal beliefs, which justify harmful behaviors, then explore employers' unspoken expectations. They also practice valuable communication and problem solving skills to handle difficult workplace situations professionally. 

2017 06 making it work grad day

UCI recently completed this pilot program offered to eight inmates and one staff member. The commencement ceremony was held at the External Offices at the Utah State Prison with seven inmates and one staff member graduating.

UCI Director Scott Crowther gave the commencement address where he congratulated the participants on their accomplishment and encouraged them to use their newly acquired skills to help them when they are released. Three offenders addressed the group and thanked their instructors, peers, and UCI for providing a positive experience. The ceremony concluded with the presentation of certificates and closing remarks from the course instructors, Cody Strickland and Armanda Dzafic.

Additional Makin It Work Classes will be scheduled for Fall 2017.  UCI is a division of the Utah Department of Corrections, which operates more than 20 businesses producing products such as furniture, construction, printing, scanning, state license plates and signs.

- Utah Correctional Industries, July 2017