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2017 10 kids day

Incarcerated mothers at Utah State Prison’s Timpanogos Facility enjoyed a special, extended visit with their children Oct. 7 at Kids Day. The event helps create stronger bonds between parents and children during the period of incarceration, which helps with family reunification after release.

2017 10 kids day 2The 16 women and their children had several hours at the facility to participate in family activities, such as playing games, doing art projects and decorating cookies. Kids Day allows for expanded activities not typically available during a regular visit. Many mothers at the Kids Day had not seen their children in several months, or many years.

This is the second time the Utah women’s prison hosted a Kids Day to facilitate increased communication and relationship building between mothers and their children.  Inmates must meet specific qualifications and maintain appropriate behavior in order to participate.


Parental incarceration increases the risk of a child experiencing poverty, becoming incarcerated themselves, and having anti-social behaviors and trouble in school. Maintaining family connections during incarceration is vital to inmates and children, and has been shown to decrease the long-term negative effects of parental incarceration.

2017 10 kids day 3

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- Public Information Office, October 18, 2017