Utah Department of Corrections

2017 12 conquest grad 4

Con-Quest substance abuse treatment program celebrated the accomplishments of 27 graduates December 13. The Con-Quest Program is a 12-18 month therapeutic community program within the Promontory Facility at Utah State Prison. The ceremony acknowledged the hard work needed for each of the individuals to complete the intensive program.

The keynote speaker was former inmate/businessman Ryan Todd Yost. Resident speakers included Christian Harmond, Cody Carter, and Matthew Chivers. Their speeches of success and Ryan’s story of his life after prison gave hope and shed light on what is possible once the residents are released.

2017 12 Conquest GradEach resident in the program also has a role and performs specific duties within the therapeutic community. In addition to daily operations, they complete individualized treatment plans developed with their therapist to target the criminogenic needs they have struggled with in the past and focus on how to improve on strengths.

There are several challenges presented to the residents during Con-Quest in order to confront their past though behavioral processes and reduce the risk of returning to the behaviors that led to their incarceration. They complete Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) books to recognize the errors in their thinking when they arrive.

Recidivism rates are much lower for residents who complete one of the three therapeutic community treatment programs (Con-Quest, Hope, or Ex-Cell). Recent research indicates residents of the programs at the Utah State Prison have a return-to-prison rate that is approximately one-third of those who leave prison without program participation.

- Public Information Office, December 14, 2017