Utah Department of Corrections

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Inmates at Utah’s two major prisons were given performances by singer-songwriter Matt Butler to bring awareness to addiction recovery.

Butler performed at the Central Utah Correctional Facility on Saturday, Oct. 13, before appearing at the Utah State Prison in Draper the following day. At both events, he mixed his own personal story of addiction and recovery with songs derived from his struggles.

“I feel obligated to give back, but I don’t do it because I feel it’s a sentence or a penance,” said Butler. “I think there are times where you feel like, when you enter recovery, you have some karma to repair. I’m at a point in my journey where this is a joy to me. This is what I want to be doing.”

The appearance, which came though Butler’s The Just One Foundation, also offered inmates a chance to speak about their battles with addiction. Some noted that their dependencies led directly to their incarceration.

“I like the idea of being a living example that transformation is possible and that people can change their lives,” Butler said regarding his visits to such facilities.

But, he noted, there is another purpose to returning behind prison walls.

“I like to come here and let people know that someone cares about them.”

Author: Liam Truchard


Public Information Office, October 17, 2018