Utah Department of Corrections

Additional restrictions for mail sent to inmates will go into effect beginning Aug. 1.envelope

Only single layer white envelopes and single layer white paper or stationary will be allowed. Ruled white paper or stationary (writing paper printed with lines as a guide for handwriting) will also be allowed.

The following types of envelopes, paper or stationary, and cards will be prohibited and shall be refused or denied and returned to sender:

  • Color envelopes (including manila and multi-layer envelopes)
  • Color paper or stationary
  • Greeting cards, card stock or other multi-layered paper or stationary

In addition, mail with paint, chalk, crayons, markers or highlighters used on the incoming envelope or its contents will be denied.

Starting Aug. 1, the mail unit will make photocopies of mail that violates the new additional restrictions. The photocopies will be sent to inmates and the originals will be returned to sender with a notification explaining the new restrictions. Mail that already violates current policy will not be copied or sent to inmates but will be refused or denied consistent with current policy and practices.

Starting Sept. 1, the mail unit will refuse or deny and return to sender any mail items that violate the new additional restrictions for mail sent to inmates. No photocopies will be made.