Utah Department of Corrections

New body scanners now operational at Utah's two prison sites

Effective Dec. 2, the Utah Department of Corrections began utilizing body scanners at the prisons’ control points to screen every person entering secure areas.

For those coming to the prison, this will require a little extra time and preparation, as no staff member, volunteer, contractor, visitor, etc., will be exempt from the scanning procedure. The scan itself takes approximately three seconds and the control point officer will need a brief amount of time to check backpacks and other carry-in items.

UDC Logo.cropThose entering the facility will be required to empty all pockets of any items and place them on a table. Backpacks or containers should be clear and ready to be put on a table beside the scanner, or in front of the control point. To expedite the process, those entering UDC facilities should leave unnecessary items in vehicles (ie: cell phones, purses, etc.). 

In addition, the North Gate (Draper) and Gate One (CUCF) will be “Service Accesses” only for contractors and/or deliveries. The Timpanogos Gatehouse will also be designated as a “No Foot Traffic” entrance. Those attempting to enter these areas as an alternate entry point will be redirected to VCC and Timpanogos Central Control (Draper) or Main and North Entry (CUCF).

These changes are in addition to the rules that govern visiting at UDC facilities, which can be found here. They include dress and conduct standards.

This department shift is designed to provide greater security in Utah's prisons and to create a safer working environment for everyone who enters. Attention to these basic rules will make entry into the facility smoother and as quick as possible. We also ask for the patience and consideration of visitors as we make this adjustment.


Public Information Office, Dec. 10, 2019