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Page updated 09/17/2020

 Visit coronavirus.utah.gov for statewide information.



The Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) is working collaboratively with state partners — including the Lieutenant Governor’s task force — to address Coronavirus in Utah.

The safety of incarcerated individuals or those on supervision, along with our staff, volunteers and others who interact directly with our Department, is paramount.

As Coronavirus cases in Utah continue to increase, please know that we have outbreak strategies in place, which include prompt medical care and testing, and quarantining or isolating staff or incarcerated individuals. These updates will be shared via this webpage and social media. 

For more information on the virus, and for state-related updates, please visit the website:

Learn more extensively about the many steps UDC has taken to ensure the safety and health of incarcerated individuals and those on supervision with the Department here: https://le.utah.gov/interim/2020/pdf/00002842.pdf



Total Confirmed Offender Cases to Date by Location

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 **At this time, the University of Utah Hospital requires that any inmate being transported to a hospital for any kind of care to be tested for COVID-19.

 **Starting May 20 prison intakes will be limited to Wednesdays. These will include intakes from all county jails and from Adult Probation & Parole. In direct consultation with local health officials, it was decided that these individuals will be in a cohort together for two weeks, and will each be tested for COVID-19 within 24-48 hours of arrival. Those who decline to be tested will be placed in a designated, separate area for two weeks. Please note that this increase in testing each week will reflect a spike in the overall number of inmates tested at the Utah State Prison in Draper and possibly a marginal increase at the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison.

Updated 09/17/2020 (COVID19 status will be updated twice per week. Any positive cases will be updated on the same day they occur.)

Total Confirmed Staff Cases: 29

Total Recovered Staff Cases: 27

Updated 09/11/2020




At this time, visiting (along with volunteer and religious services) will continue to remain on hold through October 1, at which time we will again reevaluate. We will continue to offer 10 free 15 minute phone calls per week.


As we work to initiate video visitation, and continue planning for a return to normalcy, Utah Correctional Industries will be taking photos of incarcerated individuals, beginning mid-September, to be shared with their families. 

At this time, incarcerated individuals in the Uintas at the Utah State Prison in Draper will not be included due to logistical problems and privilege levels. 
We anticipate that photos will be completed by the end of October. We hope that this will be an opportunity we can continue providing in the future, and may open it up to excluded areas in the future as an incentive. 


At this time, visiting (along with volunteer and religious services) will continue to remain on hold through September 15, at which time we will again reevaluate. 

We will continue to offer 10 free 15 minute phone calls per week, and we will continue to explore ways to increase communication and bolster morale while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for incarcerated individuals.

The Utah Department of Corrections anticipates that video visiting will begin in designated facilities in the next few weeks. Certain areas will take longer as they still require more enhancement. 

We anticipate that each incarcerated individual will be given two 30-minute video visits per month, if their privilege level allows. 

In regards to the visiting renewal process, we would encourage families and friends to continue submitting those forms by mail. We anticipate that there will be some grace period in effect for a designated amount of time to accommodate renewal requests to make it through the system. 

A committee has been working closely on the visiting process, which includes scheduling and visitor authorization.

More details will be made available in the coming weeks, and we thank you for your continued patience as we introduce this new form of communication into our facilities. 

Here's a link where you can find visiting forms: https://corrections.utah.gov/index.php/family-friends/how-to/14-visiting-information/1058-visitor-application-forms




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