Utah Department of Corrections


Total Confirmed Offender Cases to Date by Location

UDC COVID 19 Counts 06.03 1

 **At this time, the University of Utah Hospital requires that any inmate being transported to a hospital for any kind of care to be tested for COVID-19.

 **Starting May 20 prison intakes will be limited to Wednesdays.  These will include intakes from all county jails and from Adult Probation & Parole. In direct consultation with local health officials, it was decided that these individuals will be in a cohort together for two weeks, and will each be tested for COVID-19 within 24-48 hours of arrival. Those who decline to be tested will be placed in a designated, separate area for two weeks. Please note that this increase in testing each week will reflect a spike in the overall number of inmates tested at the Utah State Prison in Draper and possibly a marginal increase at the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison.

Total Confirmed Staff Cases: 4

 **The Department is in accordance with state health official's recommendations, including contact tracing confirmed cases of inmates or staff, and implementing appropriate containment protocols. 


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