Utah Department of Corrections

Need to submit an address for a releasing offender? Try our new Electronic Address Verification process!

What is an Address Verification Form?

An address verification is necessary to protect the safety of the public and to help in the successful reentry/parole of the releasing offender. Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P) Agents review and investigate a proposed address to make sure it supports the offender’s supervision needs.

The address verification process considers public safety, victim issues and any other issues that may impact the successful reentry of the offender.

The person who submits their address for consideration first answers a few questions to begin the process. The Electronic Address Verification form replaces a paper form that was once used to start this process.

Why is the process changing?

First and foremost, we are making this form electronic for efficiency and consistency. Feedback from staff and from inmates' family members supported moving to an electronic process and moving away from paper forms, which required printing and delivery. 

The electronic form is conveniently located on the UDC public website and goes directly to the appropriate Department contact without concern of the form getting lost or delayed by mail.

Who needs to use this form?

Family members or friends of inmates who have agreed to have the offender live with them following release.  

When should I submit the form?

You can submit the form when your loved one is about 120 days from release.

What happens after I submit it?

You’ll be contacted within seven days by a UDC staff member who will give you information on the next steps in the process.

If the inmate’s release is more than 90 days away the actual address review may not occur right away. You check on the status of your approval any time by emailing re-entry@utah.gov.

-February 14, 2017