Utah Department of Corrections



Regional Administrator
Spencer Turley

Assistant Regional Administrator/Center Director
Jeff Shardlow

Mailing Address
Orange Street Community Correctional Center

80 S. Orange Street (1900 West)
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Telephone: 801-596-6300
Fax: 801-363-8317 

Women's Treatment Resource Center:

Fax: 801-596-6312

The Orange Street Women's Center houses 60 women who are being paroled and are in a transitional phase of community re-entry. The center's staff are trained in gender-responsive issues and strength-based interactions.The program includes clinical treatment, cognitive/behavioral/psycho-educational classes, community involvement and pro-social activities. By the end of their four-month to six-month stay at Orange Street, the women will have a living-wage job, a positive community support system and a realistic foundational living plan.