Utah Department of Corrections



Regional Administrator
Glenn Ercanbrack

Assistant Regional Administrator/Center Director
Aimee Griffiths

Mailing Address
1747 S. 900 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84104 

Telephone: 801-886-7701

Intake Telephone: 801-886-7800
Fax: 801-886-3087

The Fortitude Treatment Center is an innovative approach to reducing the offender recidivism rate and trying to stop the revolving prison door. It opened in 2012 and has capacity for 306 males.

The facility allows struggling offenders to remain in the community under parole supervision rather than return to prison. When a parolee violates certain conditions of his parole agreement, Adult Probation and Parole agents may recommend the parolee be placed in this program.

In addition, Fortitude serves as a transition facility for offenders who need time to stabilize in the community as they leave prison.

In the facility, the offender is subject to tighter restrictions and intensive treatment programs aimed at addressing underlying issues causing him to struggle. While at Fortitude, a parolee can check out to attend schooling, go to work or to search for work and see family. The offender is able to maintain a job, ties to family and other community connections rather than being uprooted and returned to prison.

Agents actively monitor an offender to ensure he is working or looking for work. When not at work or searching for a job, parolees remain in the facility, which is staffed by Correctional officers and those parole officers who have offices on-site.

The center offers anger management, cognitive skills, substance abuse treatment and other courses.