Utah Department of Corrections

The Utah Department of Corrections' Sex Offender Task Force is committed to ensuring sex-offender supervision and treatment is the best it can possibly be. As part of that commitment, the task force sponsors various meetings to address issues relevant to AP&P agents and therapists who work with sex offenders.


The Sex Offender Task Force meets once a month.


Quarterly trainings cover technical treatment and supervision topics. All trainings are free unless otherwise indicated.

Next TrainingJune 17th & 18th

Dr. Robert McGrath has been contracted to provide training for sex offense community providers and AP&P Agents.  He will be training on risk assessments (VASOR 2 and SOTIPS).

More specific training information will be sent out to those on our mailing list.


If you are an AP&P agent or an approved provider, affiliate provider, emeritus provider, evaluator, affiliate evaluator, polygrapher, or affiliate polygrapher and are interested in attending a training and are not on our mailing list, please email the Sex Offender Task Force at sotaskforce@utah.gov.

Or you may contact Charma Winters at 801-545-5693, email cwinters@utah.gov or Greg Hendrix at 801-656-8092, email ghendrix@utah.gov





Updated: 3/17/2021