Utah Department of Corrections


August 5:  Inmate’s Death Investigated as Homicide at Central Utah Correctional Facility

June 29: UPDATED: Inmate’s Death Investigated as Possible Homicide at the Central Utah Correctional Facility

June 28: Inmate’s Death Investigated as Possible Homicide at the Central Utah Correctional Facility

May 20: UDC and US Marshals Highlight Relationship Noting 183 High Profile Fugitives Apprehended in 2020

May 5: Utah Corrections to Resume In-Person Visits and Volunteer Services in June

April 29: Utah Department of Corrections Reaches COVID-19 Vaccine Milestone

March 18: Utah Department of Corrections Reports 16 Total COVID-19 Related Deaths


December 21: Gov.-elect Cox and Lt. Gov.-elect Henderson announce additional cabinet and senior staff positions

November 19: Utah Corrections Director to Transition to Utah Board of Pardons and Parole Director

November 4: Utah Corrections Reports the Death of COVID-19 Positive Incarcerated Individual

September 29: Inmate’s Death Investigated after Altercation with Another Inmate at the Utah State Prison

May 29: First COVID-19 Case Confirmed at the Utah State Prison in Draper

April 3: First COVID-19 Case Confirmed at a Utah Corrections Community Correctional Facility 



November 11: Ronald Lafferty, Death Row Inmate, Dies of Natural Causes

October 23: Religious Institutions Donate Funds to Utah's New Correctional Facility

September 22:Inmate’s Death Investigated As Possible Homicide 



December 2: Death Row Inmate, Floyd Maestas, Dies of Natural Causes

November 18: Inmate escaped from Beaver County Jail, Apprehended Shortly Thereafter

October 18: Governor’s statement on the confirmation of Mike Haddon

August 7: GovHerbert appoints Mike Haddon as executive director of the Utah Department of Corrections

April 18: Rollin Cook Steps Down as Executive Director of Utah Department of Corrections

March 28: Department of Corrections Issues Statement in Response to Medical Records in State of Utah vs. Steven Crutcher Case



December 1: Temporary​ ​Outage​ ​of​ ​Utah’s​ ​Automated​ ​Crime​ ​Victim​ ​Notification System

May 13: Officer Involved Shooting in Murray City

May 5: Department of Corrections Issues Statement on Criminal Charges Filed Against Daggett County Jail Employees

April 21: Utah Department of Corrections' Statement on Daggett County Jail Personnel Actions

April 9: Inmate Death Investigated at Utah State Prison

April 3: Utah Department of Corrections Announces Changes to Sex Offender Treatment Program

February 17: Utah Department of Corrections Transfers Inmates from Daggett County Jail During Investigation


December 19: Utah Corrections joins national initiative to continue reducing use of solitary confinement

November 29: Utah State Prison on lockdown after inmate stabbing

August 11: Inmate's death being investigated as possible homicide

August 10: Adult Probation and Parole improves operations, communication

June 10: Department shutters buildings

June 3: Inmate dies of apparent suicide

March 15: Inmate dies after being assaulted

March 9:Fire displaces residents of Community Correctional Center

March 4: Executive Director Cook appoints new AP&P director and other key leaders

February 15: Fugitive Thomas S. Burnham apprehended

February 10: 
UDC initiates fugitive action in response to walkaways

February 5: UDC completes investigation in Henderson case


Aug. 6: Department action related to April 5 inmate death

Aug. 6: Inmates end hunger strike

Aug. 5: Hunger strike update

Aug. 4: Hunger strike update

Aug. 4: Reported drone sighting

Aug. 3: Hunger strike update, Aug. 3

Aug. 2: Hunger strike update

July 31: Department monitoring inmates participating in hunger strike

July 13: Utah State Prison inmate dies of apparent suicide 

July 6: Nearly 40 inmates receive DATC certificates

July 2: Update on April 5 inmate death

June 20: Inmate taken to hospital after assault

April 22: Update on Christopher Lucas autopsy 

April 7: Utah State Prison inmate dies of apparent cardiac arrest due to renal failure