Utah Department of Corrections

Dunking for a Good Cause!

dunk 1

Gina Proctor, records specialist, takes aim as Executive Director Rollin Cook taunts spectators.

Earlier this month, the Department's Wellness Team challenged employees to drink more water. The reward? A chance to dunk administrators! Employees drank more than 500 gallons of water and the dunking was on.

The Wellness Team set up a dunking booth on Monday at the Stephen R. Anderson Building at the Utah State Prison. Employees paid $1 for two softball throws, with proceeds benefiting the employee-sponsored Sub For Santa Program. Over the span of two hours, administrators — including Executive Director Rollin Cook, Deputy Director London Stromberg and Warden Scott Crowther — took plunge after plunge. Employees raised several hundred dollars for the program!


dunk 2

Yep, Gina hit the mark!