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Residents of Orange Street run for recovery

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Congrats to the women from our Orange Street Center, who participated in an Addict II Athlete's 5K on Saturday!

Addict II Athlete provides support groups for those recovering from addiction, encouraging participants to replace unhealthy habits with exercise and physical fitness.  Before Saturday, none of the women from Orange Street (a residential halfway house in Salt Lake City) had ever run a 5K before.

Leading up to the race, the women participated in running and cross fit sessions under the guidance of Correctional Officers Joseph Abbott and Sarah Faulkner. The sessions included a focus on processing barriers the women face in moving forward in their lives.

The women put all that training on the line Saturday at Spring View Farms.

The speediest runner? Tracy Soules, who stopped just short of the finish line and then circled back along the course to cheer on the other women. Soules crossed the line with the last runner. Soules said she had an "aha!" moment while racing today.

"You have to run the race, whether running or recovery, for yourself first and then you need to go back and pick up your friends," she said.

So she did.

Some women were accompanied by their children, siblings or parents. Others had family members waiting for them at the finish line.

When Krystle Keller crossed the line, her 9-year-old daughter told her, "Mom, you had better get in shape because I am going to beat you in the next race!"

The reaction of the women at the end: It was great! I loved it! It was very cleansing! I didn't think that I would ever be able to do anything like this! It made me realize that anything is possible!

By the way: Officer Faulkner took second in her age group!

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