Utah Department of Corrections

Justice Reinvestment Initiative moves forward


The Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice voted unanimously Wednesday to approve 18 recommendations for criminal justice reform. Here are one-line descriptions of the recommendations, which were presented to Gov. Gary R. Herbert yesterday during a press conference. The recommendations will be presented to the Legislature during the 2015 session. You can read the full report here.

1. Revise drug penalties to target chronic felony offenders and drug dealers who sell in the presence of minors and where minors are likely to be

2. Revise criminal history scoring to avoid double-counting and limit factors to those most relevant to the risk of re-offense

3. Revise sentencing guidelines for certain lower-level crimes

4. Establish formal graduated revocation caps for technical probation revocations

5. Establish formal graduated revocation caps for technical parole revocations

6. Establish a system of earned-time credits offered by the Board of Pardons & Parole

7. Implement a graduated sanctions and incentives matrix for AP&P use

8. Establish a system of earned compliance credits on supervision

9. Expand treatment services

10. Establish treatment standards and certification

11. Establish standards for recovery and re-entry support programs.

12. Enhance transition planning, supports, and services for offenders returning to their communities

13. Reclassify moving vehicle misdemeanors in order to focus jail resources on higher-level offenders and relieve undue burdens on localities

14. Establish evidence-based jail treatment standards

15. Establish a county performance-incentive grant program

16. Provide better support to victims of crime

17. Provide enhanced training for decision-makers and community supervision officers

18. Require collection and reporting of key performance measures and establish oversight