Utah Department of Corrections

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New Commissary MP3 Ordering through Access SECUREPAK

As of Feb. 18, 2019, family and friends can order MP3 player music and items for inmates online, by phone or email. 

Online orders: utsecurepakmedia.com
Phone orders: 1.800.546.6284
Mail in orders: 
P.O. Box 50028
Sparks, NV 89435-0028

New order forms are available on your housing units. Inmates have the option to mail their MP3 order form to ACCESS SECUREPAK. (Take order form, addressed envelope, and signed money transfer to your control room). 

You will receive your MP3 items with Commissary Deliveries. 

NEW PROCEDURE: ACCESS SECUREPAK will manage all correspondesnce, service and replacements. Inmates may write Access SecurePak with questions or converns; or friends and family may call or e-mail Access SecurePak on your behalf. 

For online catalogue (updated regularly): www.mediasearch.accesscatalog.com