Utah Department of Corrections

UDC Functions: DPO

The Division of Prison Operations (DPO) oversees perhaps the most well-known function of Corrections. This is composed of general security operations associated with incarceration within Utah's two prisons (Gunnison & Draper) as well as in the various county jails with which the State contracts.


Prisons & Visitation
Draper Prison
Gunnison Prison
Inmate Placement Program
Family & Friends 

DPO Description

In addition to security functions generally associated with prison officers, DPO additionally oversees a variety of other details, ranging from MCIRT team functions and transportation of inmates (for court hearings, medical needs, etc.) to caseworkers and visitation. Officers safely house offenders and enable them to undergo programming and education needs, while maintaining order at the institutions and protecting all those inside its fences.

The State has a Jail Contracting program through which it sends eligible State inmates to serve out part of their sentences in county jails. This can sometimes allow the State to have inmates serve prison time closer to home near support bases and the community to which they will eventually be released. DPO's Inmate Placement Program (IPP) has staff members working continually with the county jails to establish and continue a productive partnership with the counties. The State pays the county jails a daily rate in return for using its free beds on State offenders.

DPO Organizational Structureawest

UDC Executive Director
UDC Deputy Director
UDC DPO Director
Warden/Inmate Placement Program Director
Deputy Warden
Correctional Officer 
(Not listed above in order of command: caseworkers)