Utah Department of Corrections

CUCF Boulders: Fir

The Fir housing unit hosts the HOPE Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Fir is a dormitory-style housing unit capable of housing 288 residents at capacity. The unit is composed of six sections - each of which can house 48 residents.


Offenders housed in Fir are arranged in small pods of 12 beds each. There are four of these pods per section. Like Promontory in Draper, this unit is designated as an SATP or Substance Abuse Treatment Program. It is monitored by Corrections' Programming Division and works on a comprehensive therapy model, whereby inmates are given a treatment plan spanning the course of one year. The program is very rigid. Inmates who successfully complete it are reviewed by the Board of Pardons & Parole regularly for possible time cuts to their sentences.


HOPE is a Substance Abuse Treatment Program aimed at helping offenders to live clean, sober, positive and productive lives. The program strives to equip offenders with the tools necessary to leave prison with confidence in their ability to successfully complete parole and not become a recidivism statistic. HOPE provides a thorough relapse prevention education to help recovering addicts/offenders live with life-long caution, knowing their next relapse could meet them around the corner if they ever let their guard down in the fight against addiction. Click here for more information about HOPE.