Utah Department of Corrections

Research & Planning

The Utah Department of Corrections' Research & Planning Bureau provides guidance and expertise to agency management related to trends, patterns, and projections. The Bureau provides information enabling the department to move forward with a better understanding of the population it serves.

Data Analysis

The bureau provides population projections annually, which are used for facility planning to ensure the agency has necessary housing for inmates to meet future needs. Research & Planning also provides the Legislative Branch information and estimated financial impacts as new policy proposals come forward. Up to date population information is also provided to the general public via a UDC Statistical Business Intelligence function accessible here.

Evidence-Based Practices

Corrections provides programming services to the inmate population, as well as to probationers & parolees in the community. The department is committed to provide programming services with demonstrated effectiveness. As new proposals arise, research & planning reviews academic sources related to the program and develops evaluation protocol to ensure effectiveness is either understood or discovered. The bureau also strives to identify those programs operating within the department that have not been reviewed, prioritizing those programs for evaluation.