Utah Department of Corrections

Honoring Volunteers

Much like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a massive contingency of volunteers to give an offender a second chance at leading a successful, crime-free life in our communities. Utah’s Correctional system relies on the good will of more than 1,500 community volunteers, who donate their time and efforts to help prison inmates effect meaningful change in their lives.

Though their services extend to other realms such as education and treatment, volunteer services at the prisons tend to focus on administering religious services. Under separation of church and state, Corrections personnel do not get involved in religious worship. Instead, prison staff enable volunteers to access the institutions so they can administer to offenders. This way, tax-funded prison personnel are limited to functions such as safety and security.

Day-to-day services require a huge undertaking on behalf of unpaid volunteers. In order to honor their efforts, Corrections held a celebration on Saturday, June 1. Much like prison volunteer services as a whole, this event was non-denominational. 

Members of the news media were invited to join in honoring attendees, who play a vital role volunteer services plays within the Utah Department of Corrections.