Utah Department of Corrections

First Ever Director's Award of Excellence Goes to DORA


Congratulations to the Division of Programming’s Drug Offender Reform Act probation supervision unit, which was selected as the winner of Corrections’ first-ever quarterly “Executive Director’s Award for Excellence.”

The director’s award will be marked by a traveling trophy (pictured), which will change hands each quarter with the selection of a new deserving unit. Director Cook, accompanied by several members of his leadership team, presented the award Monday morning, Aug. 26, at Region 3’s Central Office.

The director received numerous nominations from various units throughout the agency, making the decision difficult. All the nominees lived up to, or even surpassed, the qualifications for the award. But the DORA group – supervised and nominated by Martene Mackie – was eventually selected to receive this honor in large part due to their exemplary teamwork and dedication to go above and beyond their responsibilities.

“I believe this team exemplifies what this award is going to represent,” Director Cook said.

Mackie praised her group’s “balanced, compassionate, and humane” efforts to support the success of drug-addicted offenders.  She eloquently lauded their work in a message to her group:

“You understand that drug addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that can be prevented and treated. You believe DORA supervision and treatment are complementary and equally vital to achieving reductions in drug use and its consequences. You have never seen your role as supporting an extreme strategy such as a choice between an enforcement-only ‘war on drugs’ or illegal drug legalization. Instead, you have taken on the challenge as a team to practice cost-effective, evidence-based approaches that protect the health and safety of offenders, their families, our community and us. I have witnessed day after day that this team is meeting that challenge, and I am proud to work with every one of you!”

Congratulations, DORA crew!