Utah Department of Corrections

UDC is Center Stage for National Substance Abuse Treatment

Two substance abuse treatment programs in the Utah prison system (ConQuest at Draper and HOPE/CARE at CUCF) were selected following a nation-wide search to host providers from around the country in order to mentor fellow professionals and highlight best practices. The women's program at Draper (ExCell) and community corrections treatment efforts were also named as finalists to be mentor sites. Treatment program staff hosted a webinar in February and will host a site visit in May.

For treatment providers looking to attend this two-day host site training session, visit www.rsat-tta.com. The site contains a scholarship application, which can be completed electronically. Agendas will be posted on the website listed above as soon as they are finalized. For more questions, contact Deputy Project Director Jon Grand at jgrand@ahpnet.com. From Advocates for Human Potential: "Together, we look forward to enhancing RSAT programming in your state and across the United States and U.S. Territories, notwithstanding limited RSAT funding."