Research & Planning Bureau Director

Julie began working as a research consultant for the Utah Department of Corrections in 2007.  She was appointed director of the Bureau of Research & Planning in 2013.


Prior to joining Corrections, Julie worked as a research consultant for the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.  She earned Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Utah, as well as her Master’s Degree in Social Work. Julie also has a Criminal Justice Certificate from the U.

The Research & Planning Bureau provides guidance and expertise to Department administrators on trends, patterns and projections for the inmate and offender populations.


The Bureau provides population projections annually, which are used for facility planning to ensure the Department has appropriate housing to meet future needs. Research & Planning also provides information and estimated financial impacts of new policies to the Legislative Branch.


As new operational and programming proposals arise, Research & Planning reviews academic research to develop evaluation protocols to ensure effectiveness is either sound or can be measured in line with the Department’s focus on evidence-based practices.