Strategic Plan

“Build a Team for Safe Communities”

Mission: Improve the lives of staff and offenders


Our Strategic Plan ensures we achieve our mission by: 

  • Identifying: vision, gaps, and milestones 
  • Creating: organizational resilience to adjust to challenges
  • Focusing: on the success of our staff and offenders to create safe communities  

We are united and aligned in our work by our Five Strategic Directions:

1) Invest in Staff:

Develop high-performing, purpose-driven leaders  with the character, competence, and compassion needed to steer  accurate, fast, and complex decision-making among diverse  stakeholders.

2) Work Together:

Our strategy is driven by our core values of being  humble, approachable, and credible. By recognizing, valuing, and  giving credit to others combined with seeking the talents of others,  we are better able to answer challenges and create solutions. 

3) Implement Strategically:

Champion a supportive organizational  culture driven by employees’ fierce resolve to collaborate and ensure  offender success.

4) Improve Lives:

Increase public safety with a comprehensive and  seamless integration of services from the time of entry into the  prison system through transition, community reintegration, and  after care. 

5) Impact Globally:

We recognize when community members are  involved in the criminal justice system, the impact is greater than  their individual experiences. Our strategy integrates listening to  stakeholders, integrating community needs, and individualizing  offender case management so that sustainable healing and change  can occur.