The Utah Department of Corrections, through Adult Probation and Parole, operates five residential community correctional centers in Utah for offenders who are on probation or who have recently paroled from prison.


These “halfway” houses are designed to help offenders who may not have a place to go when they leave prison, need additional treatment as they transition back into the community or are struggling and at risk of returning to jail or prison.


There is one center in Northern Utah (Ogden), one center in West Valley City and three centers in Salt Lake City. The centers range in size from 60 beds to 300 beds and some offer customized services for their residents.

Of the five facilities, two — Orange Street and Atherton Community Treatment Center — are designated for women.

Atherton Treatment Center

The Atherton Community Treatment Center, housed in the former Fremont Community Correctional Center, is one of two facilities devoted to women. It has 60 beds and was officially opened as a women’s facility on May 14, 2015.

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Bonneville Community Correctional Center

The Bonneville Community Correctional Center opened in the 1980s and has capacity for 74 male parolees. Its staff works to stabilize and transition parolees, including sex offenders and mentally ill offenders, to the community. 

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Fortitude Treatment Center

Fortitude Treatment Center opened in 2012 and is designed to serve male parolees. Fortitude strives to meet offender needs in a variety of ways. First, it serves as a transition facility for offenders who are released from prison…

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Northern Utah Community Correctional Center

The Northern Utah Correctional Center in Ogden is an all-male facility operated by the Utah Department of Corrections’ Adult Probation and Parole. It has 154 beds for offenders on probation or parole.

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Orange Street Community Correctional Center

The Orange Street Women’s Center houses 60 women who are being paroled and are in a transitional phase of community re-entry. The center’s staff are trained in gender-responsive issues and strength-based interactions.

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Utah County Community Correctional Center

The Utah Department of Corrections is expecting big changes in 2022, with the planned openings of the new Utah State Correctional Facility and the Utah County Community Correction Center.

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