UPDATED: UDC moving to new phone system with lower rates

(4/21/2021: This story has been updated with information on rates and contact numbers.)

The Utah Department of Corrections will move its phone system at the Utah State Prison in Draper (USP) and the Central Utah Correctional Facility (CUCF) in Gunnison to the new vendor Global Tel*Link Corporation (GTL). The new system will go live on April 5, 2021, for USP and April 7, 2021, for CUCF.

The rates going into effect are lower than with the previous vendor. Exact costs are listed below.

As implemented at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department will continue to provide 10 free 15-minute phone calls per week. Additionally, GTL has committed to provide one free five-minute phone call per incarcerated person per week for the life of the contract.

Rates and Charges for Inmate Telephone Services will be as follows:

The per-minute-of-use call rate shall not exceed the maximum rates authorized by the state’s telecommunication regulatory authority (“PUC”) and the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”).

  • Interstate ITS calls made using a collect format: $0.23 per minute of use, plus tax.
  • Interstate ITS calls, whether made using a debit, prepaid/AdvancePayTM format: $0.19 per minute of use, plus tax.
  • Local and Intrastate ITS collect calls: $0.12 per minute of use, plus tax.
  • Local and Intrastate ITS calls, whether made using a debit, prepaid/AdvancePayTM format: $0.10 per minute of use, plus tax.
  • International ITS calls, whether made using a debit, prepaid/AdvancePayTM format: Rates published on the Company website.

(UPDATE: Some users may see a credit on their GTL account to correct previous billing issues prior to April 15. Not all accounts had issues and therefore will not receive a credit.)

Families and friends of incarcerated individuals can set up their account here: https://web.connectnetwork.com, or by calling 877-650-4249. NOTE: Connect Network is the only authorized website to set up a prepaid account with Global Tel*Link. Other web pages with similar names may exist, but are not associated with GTL.

The following handout will be posted and distributed to the incarcerated population regarding the transition to GTL this weekendhttps://corrections.utah.gov/images/Utah_DOC_New_Pin_Debit__1.pdf


Q: Will I need to set up a new account?

A. Yes, you can set up a new account https://web.connectnetwork.com or call 877-650-4249. To add funds you can call ConnectNetwork at (800) 777-2522. Friends and families can deposit funds online or over the phone.

Incarcerated individual’s funds will be transferred over from CenturyLink to the GTL phone system if you had a balance it will be ported over.

Q. How will my incarcerated loved one know of the change?

A. Informational flyers have been posted in all sections throughout our facilities, and flyers have been distributed.

Q. Who can I call if I am having trouble with the change over?

A.  All customer service numbers are on the website above and via phone at: (800) 777-2522

Q. How will this impact video visiting?

A. Video visiting is facilitated through a different vendor, and the UDC does not anticipate any impact.

Q. Will phone services be disrupted as you transition from CenturyLink to GTL?

A. The change will be instantaneous, and we do not anticipate an interruption in phone services.


Communications Office, March 31, 2021 (Updated April 21, 2021)

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