Inmates in Chronic Care Facilities

When an offender is placed in a chronic-care facility, the Department of Corrections is required by Utah Code to make available the name and address of the facility where the offender resides and the date he/she was placed at that facility. Below is a list of offenders currently in community facilities as of September 29, 2022:



Name Number Facility Date Paroled
Southwick, Val 184578 Millcreek 3/6/2019
Hunsaker, Larry 194060 City Creek Post Acute 6/4/19
Draper, David 1759 City Creek Post Acute 8/20/2019
Woodrick, Franklin 18989 City Creek Post Acute 09/03/19
Offret, Shauri 81516 SNF in Heber (Name Unknown) 4/14/2020
Aaron Needham 211547 Rosewood Assisted Care 7/17/2020
Stewart, Calvin 158216 Milcreek Rehab and Nursing 3/18/21
Weigandt, Edward 240109 Midtown Manor 4/6/21
Winterton, Eldon 193768 Midtown Manor 6/8/21
Dexter, Terry 61962 Milcreek Rehab and Nursing 7/6/21
Bradshaw, Brooks 147027 Millcreek Rehab and Nursing 7/13/21
Matola, Michael 23063 KPC Promise Hospital 8/19/21
Roe, Brent 58910 Milcreek Rehab and Nursing 9/14/21
Jackson,Howard 83247 Milcreek Rehab and Nursing 10/21/21
Whitman, Charles 235779 Midtown Manor 3/22/22