The UDC understands the importance of effective communication and the need for a fair resolution of concerns. This platform is a transparent gateway for individuals under AP&P (Adult Probation and Parole) supervision to voice their concerns and ensures public visibility into our commitment to accountability.


Our grievance procedure is deliberately structured with three independent steps, each offering a distinct review process to address inequities and problems. Each level operates autonomously, fostering impartiality and objectivity. This design allows for informed decisions at each stage while preventing undue influence from other process levels.


We invite you to explore this comprehensive information, including the three-step grievance process, relevant materials, and guidance. Our commitment to transparency and accountability drives us to make this vital information accessible online. For any questions regarding content, procedures, or processes, we encourage you to contact the appropriate grievance coordinator or responder’s chain of command, ensuring clarity and fairness in every aspect of the grievance resolution process.

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