Brian Redd

Executive Director

Rebecca Brown

Deputy Executive Director

Jared Garcia

Deputy Executive Director

Spencer Turley

Assistant Deputy Executive Director

Maria Shirey

Assistant Deputy Executive Director

Eric Hutchings

Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy

Glen Mills

Director of Communications and Government Relations

Dan Blanchard

Adult Probation & Parole Director

Anndrea Parrish

Institutional Programming Director

Steve Gehrke

Director of Operational Excellence

Dan Chesnut

Division of Prison Operations Director

Tyler Johnson

Law Enforcement Bureau Chief

Robert Bond

Finance Bureau Director

Travis Knorr

Training Academy Director

Shawn Anderson

Facilities Bureau Director

Shane Welch

Utah Correctional Industries Director

Brooke Baker

HR Director

Dan Bokovoy

Legal Counsel

Mindy Usher

Executive Assistant/Employee Liaison

Becky Heaps

Executive Assistant