The Department of Corrections is able to meet the spiritual needs of inmates while maintaining a separation of church and state. There are more than two dozen religious affiliations claimed by inmates in state custody. To meet their spiritual needs, volunteers oversee a variety of activities, programs, scripture study and educational courses, prayer and worship services. Volunteers also provide religious-based addiction recovery groups, (LDS) Family Home Evening group, (Native American) Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremonies, and Sidda Yoga Meditation.


Chaplains, who are part-time employees of the Department, provide offenders with ecclesiastical counseling and non-denominational services. They assist both staff and offenders with crisis interviews and during personal and family trials. Chaplains are a resource for religious knowledge for staff, offenders, and volunteers. They also maintain ongoing relationships with community religious leaders; have direct contact with offenders through consultations, programs, and service; evaluate needs of offenders and decide the best sources available to meet those needs; answer questions regarding religious programs (services, symbols, reading materials); and are a source for mediation (emergencies, deaths, fights, and injuries) for staff and inmates.

Marriage Services


Marriages are run through our Religious/Volunteer Services Office. Offenders are required to send a written request to the Religious/Volunteer Services. Once the letter is received, the offender will receive documents to start the process.


For more information regarding marriage services at USCF (Salt Lake City Facility), contact the Religious/Volunteer services office at (801)-522-7053.


For more information regarding marriage services at CUCF (Gunnison Facility), contact the Religious/Volunteer services office at (435)-528-6237.