UCI was created to provide offenders with work opportunities to help them succeed upon release from prison. Through UCI’s vision of “building a better community through career development,” UCI offers a wide variety of work experiences with on-the-job training and real-world applications. UCI jobs are located within the prison and provide work opportunities to offenders which include the commissary, the sign shop, the furniture shop, the license plate plant, the print shop, the welding shop, the beverage processing plant, the upholstery shop, and the scanning and micrographics shop.


Offenders applying for UCI jobs go through a formal application and interview process that matches what they might experience in the community. These jobs provide offenders an opportunity to produce useful products and services for customers while gaining the tools needed to succeed when released back to their communities. These jobs also help offenders stay positively engaged while serving time, reducing the idleness, boredom and hopelessness that can trigger management and security problems for staff, visitors, volunteers and other offenders. The opportunity to engage in paid work through UCI is a powerful motivator for improving offender behavior, as well as help reduce recidivism upon their release.


Learn more about UCI on their website: https://uci.utah.gov/


Utah Correctional Industries
1480 North 8000 West
Salt Lake City
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