UDC addressing technical challenges in transition to new electronic records system

The Utah Department of Corrections was slated in February to migrate to a new electronic records system that will improve operations overall; however due to delays with the contractor, the data migration began during the move to the new prison. We are now experiencing some technical challenges with that transition. Our medical team is working around the clock to address these concerns. Generally speaking, if an incarcerated individual has an urgent medical concern they can notify the officer in their housing section. If an incarcerated individual needs to be seen by medical or have a prescription filled, then they can submit a health care request form (available on their housing unit) to be seen. 

On Sunday, August 21, the Utah Department of Corrections shared an update via Zoom regarding technical challenges we have experienced moving to a new medical records management system.

You can see the video here:




Updated: 08/22/22 

Originally posted: 08/18/2022