UCI Service Project: Sevier County Backpack Club

Incarcerated individuals working in the UCI textile shop produced 100 backpacks for donation to the Sevier County Backpack Club this month. This organization uses backpacks as a foundation to create food kits for children in need around Sevier County. “It really is a cool thing that they do, and we are happy we could be part of it,” said UCI manager Jesse Gettler, “[UCI employees] were excited to be part of this service knowing that these backpacks were going to kids in need.”

UCI workers not only produced the backpacks, but were also able to come up with the designs themselves. The participants were excited to learn new skills while giving back to the community.

“The project was a win-win for the community and the inmates. I love seeing positive work being accomplished in the lives of the inmates that work for the community and for us,” said program specialist Steven Gerber upon the project’s completion, “that’s what it is all about, making a positive impact on the lives of others.”

UCI is grateful to Watts Bags for donating webbing for this project. UCI purchased all other materials used in the production of the backpacks.