Diesel Brothers Make a Big Landing at Central Utah Correctional Facility

It’s not every day that a reality television star lands a helicopter on prison property, so they can share a message of hope with incarcerated individuals. 

Actually, it’s never been done in the history of Utah Corrections … as far as we can tell. 

Incarcerated individuals at the Central Utah Correctional Facility (CUCF) in Gunnison had the privilege of hearing from Keaton Hoskins with the Diesel Brothers who arrived by helicopter on the afternoon of March 16, 2023. 

The Diesel Brothers is a reality television series that kicked off in 2016 and features a team of friends in Utah who repair and customize pickup trucks.

“Now, I don’t know what will happen in your life if you decide to do nothing but change your life and work on [yourself] – but I know for sure that if you decide to go all in on yourself, you will change, and you will become a better [person] because of it,” said Hoskins to the audience on Thursday.

Mr. Hoskins is one of several speakers who will be visiting with the incarcerated at CUCF over the next few months to share messages of hope. These messages are being archived to be made available on tablets for incarcerated individuals in order to inspire those preparing to leave prison and return to their communities. 

“Every individual under our supervision has two roads to choose from – they can choose to lead productive lives, or they can choose not to,” said CUCF Warden Bart Mortensen. “The speakers for these events have all had struggles to overcome; but chose a productive path. Their stories can provide hope or help others choose productivity through their examples of struggles to success.