Dr. Kim Michelson receives Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Kim Michelson, former State Dental Director and current clinical dentist for the Utah Department of Corrections, has recently been recognized by the Utah Dental Association with a Distinguished Service Award! Dr. Michelson served with the Utah Department of Health from 2009 to March 2022, striving to improve dental care for all of Utah, especially for the underserved. 12 of his 13 years with them were full–time, where he served in various public health dentistry settings, including nine years as the State Dental Director. He worked with CMS, CDC, UDA, the Utah Oral Health Coalition, and other boards and committees, is a co-author of the “2015–2016 Oral Health Status of Utah’s Children” report, and served as the president of the Salt Lake District Dental Society with the UDA from 2013 to 2014 and served on their board from 2007 to 2014. He is also a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.


“Dr. Michelson is a key component to the dental team,” said Dr. Marcus Wisner, Dental Director for the UDC. “His ability to handle the most difficult clinical situations is inspiring. His steady demeanor and willingness to help wherever needed have proven essential to our success. Dr. Michelson joined us before our move from Draper to USCF. He was responsible for keeping the dental clinics operational during the move. He also serves as our in-house space expert – as in NASA and SpaceX.”


Congratulations to Dr. Michelson for receiving this well-deserved award!