Governor Cox Declares Utah Corrections Week in the state of Utah

Governor Spencer J. Cox, in recognition of the outstanding dedication and service exhibited by correctional officers, adult probation and parole agents, and other correctional professionals, has declared May 7-13, 2023, as “Utah Corrections Week” throughout the state.

The proclamation highlights the critical role played by correctional professionals in maintaining safe correctional facilities, ensuring public safety through offender supervision in the community, and promoting the rehabilitation and successful reentry of individuals. It acknowledges the expertise and qualifications of these professionals and their unwavering commitment to upholding the law while providing care and guidance to offenders.

Governor Cox’s declaration recognizes the dignity with which correctional professionals uphold the law, simultaneously ensuring the public’s protection from criminal activity. Furthermore, it acknowledges their role in providing offenders with direction, hope, and new perspectives, assisting them in their reentry into society.

During “Utah Corrections Week,” various events and activities will be organized to honor and celebrate the contributions of correctional professionals. The week also serves as an invitation to the public to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of correctional professionals and support the successful reintegration of offenders.

Governor Spencer J. Cox’s declaration of “Utah Corrections Week” aims to emphasize the vital importance of the corrections profession, commend the dedication and professionalism of correctional professionals, and raise awareness of their role in maintaining public safety and promoting rehabilitation throughout the state.


Kaitlin Felsted, Communications Office

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