Bear Highside Talent Show a Great Success

On Monday, July 3rd, the Bear Highside Housing Unit at the Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) was buzzing with energy and creativity as incarcerated individuals showcased their remarkable talents in a captivating talent show. Organized by James Featherstone in collaboration with Family Home Evening and the UDC, this event was a testament to the power of art and the rehabilitation journey.

The impressive lineup featured a diverse array of performers, including Mike Robinson, Anthony Kish, Sterling Allan, Albert Givens, Jeff Meyer, Daniel Senior, Jeff Finlayson, Brad Freeze, Alex Perkins, Roger Rynhart, Mike Strickland, Joel-Lehi Organista, Charles Sargent, Ron Kelly, Desean Goins, Brett Hancock, Brandon Sappington, Justin Brinkerhoff, Jessie Mirelez, James Featherstone, and Chaplain David Bokovoy. Their captivating acts spanned various genres, ranging from soulful musical performances to heartfelt poetry readings.

In addition to the live performances, individuals from the Bear Highside Housing Unit who didn’t take the stage contributed their artistic talents by crafting unique items such as stuffed animals, hats, and other art pieces. These creations were thoughtfully displayed just outside the chapel where the event occurred, adding an extra touch of creativity to the atmosphere.

Ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the show, a live stream of the event was broadcasted by the UDC on tablets for those in higher security housing units who couldn’t attend in person. Furthermore, a recording will be available to all incarcerated individuals via their tablets. The recorded performance will also be shared on YouTube, enabling friends and family members of the participants to share in the joy and celebrate the talents of their loved ones.

James Featherstone, who served as the host and emcee, delivered an outstanding performance, keeping the audience engaged and creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Support services were provided by Paul Kimbal, contributing to the seamless execution of the talent show.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the dedication and efforts of Lt. Dunford and Chaplain Bokovoy, who played instrumental roles in bringing the event to life. Special recognition goes to the LDS Bear River Branch Volunteers, whose hard work behind the scenes truly made a difference and helped create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

The Bear Highside Housing Unit talent show not only entertained and uplifted the spirits of the incarcerated individuals but also demonstrated the transformative power of art and the positive impact it can have on the rehabilitation process. It served as a testament to the remarkable talent and resilience of those we supervise.


Alec Langton

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