Lotion-based mosquito repellent now available at USCF

As the mosquito season hits full power, the Utah Department of Corrections is taking additional steps to help staff and incarcerated individuals avoid the annoying insects at the Utah State Correctional Facility.

UDC is rolling out a lotion-based repellent that will be available at no cost to staff and incarcerated offenders at USCF. The product being used was recommended by the Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement District.  

Every incarcerated individual will have access to the repellent, but the method in which they use the lotion depends on their housing location. Some will have it available during times when movement is permitted in their sections. Others will have open access monitored by correctional staff. Those in restricted units will be offered the lotion as they are escorted to recreation yards.

“We take the concerns about mosquitos seriously and are working to alleviate as many concerns as possible,” said Spencer Turley, an Assistant Deputy Executive Director at the UDC. “We are grateful for the funding and support from the Governor’s Office and the Legislature that allowed us to offer this repellent to all incarcerated individuals and staff for free. We are also thankful for the ongoing support and partnership with the Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement District.” 

 In addition, Utah Correctional Industries is in the process of designing and creating secure dispensers for the lotion. This will allow greater access to the repellent.

 Individuals may still purchase their own repellent via commissary, and use the lotion as needed.  

 Thanks to support in the Utah State Legislature, the UDC has partnered with SLCMAD for a multi-pronged mitigation effort. The plan includes aerial spraying, insecticide applications, traps and other preventative measures.

You can learn about other efforts the UDC has been working on with the abatement district on our website.

You can also hear about mosquito abatement at USCF in our Conversations With Corrections podcast featuring abatement district officials.

More information for roll out and utilization of the repellant will be forthcoming.