UDC Launches New Family Photo Program for Inmates’ In-Person Visits

The Utah Department of Corrections will begin a new program shortly, allowing eligible offenders to have a photo taken with their loved ones during an in-person visit.

“It’s for the kids and families. A kid should have a picture with their dad and mom,” said Lt. James Gull, who oversees visiting at the USCF. “We believe it will aid in rehabilitation and reinforce family connections.”

Eligible incarcerated individuals will be allowed to take the photo with their loved ones every six months. The images will be taken by the UDC and the department will provide the photo via the visitor’s registered email.

“We will prescreen visitors to make sure they are eligible,” added Gull. “We will take the photo in the last 15 minutes of the visit.”

For those who only get tablet visits, the department will take a photo of that offender and send it to the family annually.

More information will be provided as the program gets underway.

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